Every child is
seen, heard,
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Izak9 a new and radical active learning concept from Qubizm. It is a totally immersive maths based shared learning experience designed for use in the classroom.
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The Problem

How do we engage these learners? Primary pupils that no longer learn through play; post transition pupils separated from peers; young adults trying to reconnect with their learning.
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The Solution

Pilot studies using Izak9 reveal that learners regularly exceed teachers’ expectations, both in their mathematical capability and their ability to work as part of a team.
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Contact Us

Izak9 challenges learners to develop elevated thinking skills such as planning, evaluation and adaptability. To have your pupils benefit from the Izak9 experience, contact us today.
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Explainer Video

Our explainer video gives a detailed overview of how Izak9 works.
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Izak9 is...

  • Arouse curiosity, integrate peer learning and confident articulation through a shared and unstructured active learning experience.
  • Future-proof children with crucial capacity-building skills such as problem solving, team-work and communication that are demanded by today’s employers.
  • Advance children’s elevated thinking skills such as adaptability, planning and evaluation through Izak9’s series of randomized and unpredictable tasks.